Welcome to Fitness Inspirations of Tulsa.

Welcome to Fitness Inspirations of Tulsa (FIT) fitness studio! Our studio is a personal training studio, which also has group exercise classes, men’s & women’s locker rooms, and a coffee bar.

FIT is not another work out gym for new year resolutions but a studio where one becomes a healthy person both mentally and physically. Every client has a regiment made to suit them so one will achieve his or hers goals.

We at FIT believe healthy means one is in physical and mental shape. Regardless of one’s goals, FIT can help you achieve them. Our trainers and instructors help you become the person you want.

This transformation takes place at the FIT studio. The atmosphere is positive, energetic and most of important inviting. Once a client of FIT studio you have a place to go where everyone knows your name!

This unique setting makes one desire to workout. Working out should not be dreadful or something one should have to do but something one gets to do!

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