Is there a membership fee?

Is there a registration fee?

What’s included in my fee?
It depends on what services you are signing up for.

Can I cancel anytime?
Your membership can be canceled at anytime. With 30 days notice.

What are your hours of service?
We don’t have set open hours. Your training time is what works best for you and your trainer.

How do I cancel a session or completely?
Please notify your trainer.

Can I workout anytime?
No we do not have an “open gym” policy.

Can I bring a friend?
We love having guests any class . Talk to trainer prior to personal training appointments.

Is the staff trained and certified?
Yes, all trainers are Nationally certified.

What types of classes do you have and when?
Our schedule is posted online.

When is payment due?
At the beginning of the month to hold your training spot.

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